April 19, 2014

Jr. Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Teens Fourteen to Seventeen Accepting Challenges


COnway Seavey winner photoThe 2014 Jr. Iditarod was the 37th running of this race for teens, ages 14-17. Nine young mushers were entered, five rookies and four veterans. The original plan was to begin the Race on Knik Lake and end at the Willow Community Center. Mother Nature interfered to the point that there was no trail along that usual route.

When the Jr. Iditarod Committee realized that the race couldn’t possibly use the trail out of Knik and into Willow, Martin Buser and Kathy Chapoton graciously offered the use of their facilities. The race began and ended and Happy Trails Kennel in Big Lake. Due to trail conditions, they bypassed the Eagle Song Peony Farm, a usual checkpoint at the home of the Mike Williams family. The mushers did their mandatory layover at Yentna Station Roadhouse, home of the Dan Gabryszak family, and returned to Big Lake via the same trail.

Conway Seavey reached the finish line first. This was his fourth and last Jr. Iditarod as well as his second championship. The first was in 2012.  

For information about the 2015 Jr. Iditarod, feel free to contact jpotts@iditarod.com. Entries for 2015 will be open on June 28 in conjunction with the annual Iditarod volunteer picnic.