May 22, 2024

2013 Jr. Iditarod Race Results

Final Standings

Place Name Time Rookie Hometown Scholarship Money
1 Noah Pereira 15h 6m 0s Yes Clarkson, NY $6,000.00
2 Conway Seavey 15h 10m 0s Sterling, Alaska $4,000.00
3 Jenny Greger 15h 43m 45s Bozeman, MT $4,500.00
4 Benjamin Harper 16h 16m 20s Wasilla, Alaska $2,000.00
5 Alea Robinson 16h 46m 9s Eagle River, Alaska $1,500.00
6 Jimmy Lanier 17h 33m 9s Yes Chugiak, Alaska $0.00
7 Taylor Steele 17h 47m 41s Yes Hopewell, PA $0.00
8 Joshua Klejka 17h 48m 5s Yes Bethel, Alaska $0.00
9 Malinda Tjelta 18h 19m 16s Yes Sheyenne, ND $0.00
10 Caleb Miller 18h 21m 4s Yes Bethel, Alaska $0.00
11 Abigail Brooks 18h 57m 27s Yes Fairbanks, Alaska $0.00
12 Jonathan Biggerstaff 20h 16m 26s Talkeetna, Alaska $2,000.00


Name Time Rookie Hometown Reason
Annika Olesen 16h 32m 0s Yellowknife, NWT, CANADA Scratched


Recipient Award Sponsor
Jenny Greger Humanitarian
Jenny Greger's lead dog, McGee Blue Harness
Jonathan Biggerstaff Sportsmanship
Jonathan Biggerstaff Red Lantern
Noah Pereira Rookie of the Year
Scooter Newman Honorary Musher


# Checkpoint Miles
1 Knik Lake Start 1
2 Burma Road Crossing (Out) 15
3 Su River Crossing (Out) 40
4 Eagle Song Lodge (Out) 55
5 Yentna Station 75
6 Eagle Song Lodge (In) 95
7 Su River Crossing (In) 110
8 Old Hunter Trail Head 130
9 Willow Community Center - Finish 150