February 7, 2023

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2006 Jr. Iditarod » Mushers » Patrick Mackey

Patrick Mackey

Bib Number: 33
Hometown: Kasilof, Alaska


Patrick Mackey, 17, was born and raised in Alaska. He started mushing when he was six years old and said he started because he loved running and training a dog team. Patrick is the son of Iditarod veteran, Jason Mackey and says his family has been running dogs since the late 60’s, beginning with his Grandpa, 1978 Iditarod champion, Dick Mackey. “I have three uncles who have also competed in the Race, Rick, Bill and Lance. We are a mushing family. I am the next generation of Mackey’s.” After high school, Patrick says he expects to do some dog tours and run dogs. He hopes to run the Yukon Quest in 2010.


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2006 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 10hr
Willow - Start 02/25/2006 10:04:00 02/25/2006 10:04:00 8 0h 0m 0
Deshka Landing - Out 02/25/2006 10:54:00 8 02/25/2006 10:54:00 8 0h 0m 0h 50m 12.00 10
Scary Tree - Out 02/25/2006 12:19:00 8 02/25/2006 12:19:00 8 0h 0m 1h 25m 10.59 15
Eagle Song Lodge - Out 02/25/2006 14:44:00 8 02/25/2006 14:45:00 8 0h 1m 2h 25m 7.86 19
Yentna Station 02/25/2006 17:15:01 8 2h 30m 10.00 25