July 12, 2024

2001 Jr. Iditarod Race Results

Final Standings

Place Name Time Rookie Hometown Scholarship Money
1 Tyrell Seavey 14h 13m 18s Sterling, AK $0.00
2 Cali King 14h 13m 52s Denali Park, AK $0.00
3 Hannah Moderow 14h 59m 47s Anchorage, AK $0.00
4 Max Kornmuller 16h 13m 59s Willow, AK $0.00
5 Ellie Claus 16h 27m 23s Chitna, AK $0.00
6 Adam Beebe 17h 28m 21s Delta Jct, AK $0.00
7 Janet Willis 18h 1m 36s Anchorage, AK $0.00
8 Mari Troshynski 18h 18m 33s $0.00
9 Elisabeth Haverman 18h 30m 18s $0.00
10 Joshua Beebe 18h 43m 14s Delta Jct, AK $0.00
11 Ami Beebe 18h 49m 50s Delta Jct, AK $0.00
12 Jennifer Ramsey 19h 55m 57s Ohio $0.00
13 Jessica Butler 20h 14m 12s $0.00
14 Justin Bologna 22h 5m 16s Big Lake, AK $0.00


Name Time Rookie Hometown Reason
Max Warren 0h 0m 0s Kasilof, AK Scratched


Recipient Award Sponsor
Cali King Rookie of the Year
Cali King Sportsmanship
George Murphy & Dorothea Taylor Honorary Mushers
Hannah Moderow Humanitarian
Justin Bologna Red Lantern
Musher: Tyrell Seavey Blue Harness (Lead Dog Award)