December 7, 2023

1985 Jr. Iditarod Race Results

Final Standings

Place Name Time Rookie Hometown Scholarship Money
1 Lance Barve 10h 52m 21s Wasilla, AK $0.00
2 Matt Marple 12h 14m 23s Wasilla, AK $0.00
3 Elyssa Strong 12h 21m 5s Hope, AK $0.00
4 Steve Lynn 12h 30m 40s Knik, AK $0.00
5 Ron Flodin 12h 41m 46s Chugiak, AK $0.00
6 Laird Baron 12h 53m 3s Yentna River, AK $0.00
7 Steve Mullen 12h 57m 17s Kasilof, AK $0.00
8 Dan Flodin 13h 7m 34s Chugiak, AK $0.00
9 Meleia Merill 13h 21m 25s Willow, AK $0.00
10 Lance Mackey 13h 30m 21s Wasilla, AK $0.00
11 Angie Brainard 14h 44m 5s Wasill, AK $0.00
12 Dan Mingo 14h 44m 10s Willow, AK $0.00
13 Heath Duncan 15h 34m 38s Kasilof, AK $0.00
14 Matt Ace 15h 48m 15s Sutton, AK $0.00
15 Lisa Moore 17h 4m 32s Nome, AK $0.00


Name Time Rookie Hometown Reason


Recipient Award Sponsor
Angie Brainard Humanitarian
Dan Mingo Sportsmanship
Jerry Crum Honorary Musher
Laird Baron Rookie of the Year
Lisa Moore Red Lantern
No Record Found Blue Harness (Lead Dog Award)